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Feiliks and WPG Write the New Chapter of Intelligence Together

At the beginning of 2021, Yao Qin, the Chairman of Feiliks, Shen Weizhong, the President of China District of WPG Trade Co., Ltd., and others received Jia Guibin, the Secretary of Shatian Town Party Committee of Dongguan City, and Luo Huanghao, the Vice Mayor of Dongguan City, and presented their joint project in the South China District.

On the afternoon of January 11th, Chairman Yao Qin introduced its modes when cooperating with WPG, prospective development scale, and the construction status of the fully intelligent multi-layered project in Dongguan Feiliks. Secretary Jia Guibin showed his for WPG’s entry in the Bonded Logistics Park and hoped that their innovative cooperation modes can produce new values in the domestic logistics industry. He also stated that the town government will step up efforts to improve the supporting devices in the Park, thus attracting more investment.

Receiving the Secretary of Shatian Town Party Committee

On January 12, Feiliks and WPG visited Luo Huanghao, the Vice Mayor of Dongguan City. Liang Shaoguang, the Deputy Secretary of Dongguan Municipal Government, Cai Kang, the Director of the Bureau of Commerce of Dongguan City, Ye Yichao, the Chief of Shatian Town of Dongguan City, and other leaders also joined in the meeting. According to Chairman Yao Qin, it is one of major company-level strategies for Feiliks to introduce advanced and intelligent automatic warehouses in 2021. Mayor Luo Huanghao, on behalf of the Dongguan Municipal Government, welcomed WPG’s entry in Dongguan, the representative of excellent circuit enterprises, and claimed that its cooperation mode with the logistics power, Feiliks, matches the positioning of Dongguan City, namely “Urban Bay Area, Quality Dongguan”. In addition, Mayor Luo and others showed their expectation to the progress and design of the automatic project. The corresponding government departments will spare no effort in assisting the landing and operation of the project.

Visiting the Vice Mayor of Dongguan