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Luo Huanghao, Vice Mayor of Dongguan City, Visited Feiliks

On the afternoon of January 8, Luo Huanghao, Vice Mayor of the Dongguan municipal government, investigated Humen Port Comprehensive Bonded Zone and visited Dongguan Feiliks Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. The visit was accompanied by Jia Guibin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shatin Town, and leaders of relevant departments, and Wen Jinbo, General Manager of Dongguan Feiliks, received them.

Vice Mayor Luo learned about Feiliks’ service targets, future development trend and domestic and foreign trade data, with special attention to the promotion of our electronic components trading platform. He encouraged us to continue to increase the investment in Humen Port Comprehensive Bonded Zone. In the end, he said that he is looking forward to the completion of the fully-intelligent multi-layered warehouse by Dongguan Feiliks within this year.