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Feiliks: Feicang Organized Fire Drills for Employees before National Day

In order to strengthen staff’s awareness of fire safety, improve staff’s fire-fighting ability and escape and emergency response, and master the use of fire-fighting equipment, the Feicang General Manager’s Office instructed the Security Department to organize a vivid fire drill for Feicang employees in the office building during their lunch breaks. Wang Peifang, vice president of Feiliks, mobilized for the fire drill. Ma Chaojun, manager of Security Department, explained and demonstrated the use of fire-fighting equipment. Let’s not cut to the chase and look at those pictures:

Vice president Wang Peifang was mobilizing the staff

Small mobile fire-fighting truck of Feicang

Fire drill

Smoke bomb

Explaining the use of dry powder fire extinguisher

President Wang was the first one to demonstrate the use of dry powder fire extinguisher

Safety personnel were demonstrating the use of water cannon to extinguish?fire

Ma Chaojun, manager of Security Department, was demonstrating the use of fire-fighting equipment

Practice of dry power fire extinguishers

Practice of water cannon

Summary after fire drill


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